Lesbian and Gay Ministry at St. Matthew’s Church, Long Beach, CA

Contact by e-mail

A short note: Like you, Comunidad’s e-mail accounts are the target of spammers. Therefore, in order to thwart the efforts of computerized processeses that troll the web so as to suck up e-mail addresses that are openly published on web sites, we’ve instituted ReCAPTCHAs that require you to prove you’re human before an e-mail address is displayed. We appreciate your help and understanding in this effort.

Know also that e-mail messages sent to us—in their entirety (your sending address and the message’s content)—are confidential between you and Comunidad, and are never shared beyond the membership of our steering committee without your express permission.

General e-mail inquiries

For general inquiries, contact us at this address. General inquiries never result in your e-mail address being added to our e-mailed announcement broadcast list. To add, modify, or delete your name and e-mail to/in/from our announcement list, please see our site’s eNewsletter page.

Steering Committee

To contact the chair(s) of our steering committee, use this address.

Web site

To reach the webmaster of this site, send a message to this address.

Contact by Post

Mail is picked up at least once per week. Send letters and materials to:

St. Matthew Catholic Church
672 Temple Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90814–1249
Attn: Comunidad

Contact by Telephone

Call the parish main line at (562) 439–0931, connect with the office receptionist, and ask to leave a message for Comunidad.

Faxes—which should indicate "Attn: Comunidad"—can be directed to (562) 434–7621.